Finding a Storage Unit on Short Notice

Some cases require Self Storage Units in Brooklyn immediately or with very little notice. Saving office equipment from fire or flood damage, a break up with a partner with whom you are living, or the sudden death of a family member are a few drastic examples. The events are stressful enough without having to visit several websites to compare pricing and security of the many Self Storage Facilities in Brooklyn.

In Person

Renting Self Storage Units requires signing paperwork, showing proof of insurance, and getting personal access codes for the entrance door or gate. There is always the risk that what is advertised on the website is not available when customers arrive on-site. In the middle of a personal crises or emergency, there is no time for that situation. Fortunately, some facilities that rent Storage Units in Brooklyn allow customers to reserve desired units right online.

Reserved Units

Once a unit is reserved it is held for forty-eight hours. That gives people time to get to the facility and complete all the preliminary paperwork. An added convenience is that units are rented on a month to month basis instead of for three to six months at a time. The solution is perfect because only one or two months may be needed.

A new office space, for example, may be found within three weeks. A studio apartment is available at the end of the month, so items can be taken out of storage quickly. Surviving family members may just need a couple of months to decide what to do with all the belongings of their loved one. Emergencies are unexpected and usually costly. Not being locked into paying for a unit for six months is helpful.

Customer Service

Amenities will vary among facilities so compare them carefully. Daily access may be important for some renters. Handcarts and dollies available for loading and unloading units makes the process faster and easier. It also reduced liability risks for owners. Elevators, motion-activated lighting, and indoor loading bays are also beneficial. Intercoms for contacting staff while at units to answer questions or address concerns indicate a commitment to customer service.


Knowing items will be safe and secure provides peace of mind. More than one security system is definitely a feature to look for when searching for a storage unit. Multiple cameras, a security guard, electronically controlled gates, and personal access codes for entry doors are examples of common security measures. A combination of any two is ideal for secure storage.


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